Study and technical assistance

Studies of digrams procedures
Schematisation of electric fittings
Schematisation of mechanical fittings
Schematisation of piping fittings and tools
Schematisztion of industial manifactures procedures
Availability of qualified employees
Technical official
Works engineer
Planners (Studies office)
Drawer (Studies ofice)
Works supervisor QA/QC
Supervisor HHE
Site head
Building Details Studies
Existing fittings plans up dating
Realization of details plans
Changes complete studies
Electic fittings | Mechanical fittings
Metal structures and framework
Fluid circulation fittings
Planners availibility (level 4 and 3)
Complete study thanks to basis diagrams
Work notebook and building specification realization
Fittings synoptically diagrams conception
Equipment technical forms conception
Schedules conception General schedule
Carrying out general schedule
Details schedule
Works following up methods
Planners availability | Supplies
Raw materials recetion and follozing up of orders
Prefabrication |Assembling
Preparation and manufacture steps following up
Preparation and works reception steps following up
Preparation and zorks availability steps following up
Works supervision
End of Buisiness files The operational success of your plans

. Valid for invitations for bids files
. Valid for building files
. Piping procedures diagrams
. Manufacture and assembling details
. Specific procedures

. Availability of qualify employees
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